In the teachings of Positive psychology, there is a special mind state that people like to engage in when feeling down. So, if you’re in that moment of just feeling the need to relax and not stress about reading and engaging in conversation, we’ve prepared some special videos that will surely make you giggle, at least just a little bit. 🙂

So don’t worry about it. We all feel down from time to time. Feel free to skip the Posts for now, and enjoy our Inspirational and Funny videos. 🙂

And when you feel better, be sure , we are ready for your advice and thought!

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Movie: Rush Hour
This is one of the funniest duo on the screen that I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch! 😀 Big recommendation!

*Inspirational people* Will Smith

”You can’t win against the world, if you don’t win against your own mind!”