They keep telling me ”Accept”… I keep telling myself ”Accept”…

Accept everything. The good, the bad, the ‘in between-s’. But, what does acceptance mean? How do we define acceptance? Do we need to define it, in order to understand it? We think we know it, and then someone comes along, and makes us question everything we though we knew. I guess that’s a good thing – it makes us grow,change. But, is there an end to that – questioning? Maybe it’s important that it exists, because Life is a one big Process of Change.

We are actually comfortable with the status quo and it’s not in our nature to experience so much change. Especially in this time, where time is, as Einstein would say ”Relevant”.

I feel like I’m failing at the most basic process in life. We need the Change in order to Grow, but first we need to accept it. And somehow…I’m failing. There I said it – I’m failing the Life Test. And if your question is ‘How are you failing?’ – my answer is, I know and I don’t know at the same time. If I can put it frankly – I feel it. I know it because I feel it, therefore I am alive. Dumb attempt to play the role of Descartes (I think, therefore I am). Well, here I am. I think, I feel, I make mistakes, I try again, I fail, I succeed….etc. I accept that everything is happening, whether I like it or not.

Now I need to accept that some things are mine to change. What a stupid game. And yet, so liberating. 🙂

A song that followed the writing of this post:

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