Do you ever wonder, why do we have a dying need to be liked by certain people? Correction, why do we believe an illusion, that we’ve created in our minds, that certain people’s opinion matter more than it actually does?

Maybe it has something to do with the need of being accepted (lately, this topic seems to crawl everywhere I go). We somehow live in a world (or, at least, I see it as such), where people are especially cut away from their true sides. Or maybe we do have a connection, but we don’t know how to express ourselves…Or maybe even worse, we fear to express… – so basically, we don’t allow ourselves to be who we want/need to be.

So sad….

My question is: ,, How do we expect to accept the fact that some people don’t like us, when we can’t even accept that we don’t like ourselves. Oh, no, no, no correction…Who do they don’t like? If we don’t allow ourselves to be who we need/want to be – than who do other people dislike? That’s right, NOT US! We don-t show them that we’re a ‘Tea’, we show them some kind of bitter-not adequate-illusionist cup of Coffee. Yeah, that’s what we show them that we are.

Hmm…Some people like Bitter Coffee. But we’re a Tea! And we’re upset that people don’t like us-the Coffee, that is actually an illusion. People like an illusion of ourselves, and we’re upset about it….

That’s insane!

This life is insane, but, I guess that’s what makes it one hell of a ride! 🙂

Let’s talk more about the importance of acceptance.

My advice is…Be what ever Cup Of Something you wish to be, just own it – we owe that ourselves. 🙂

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