We love to make ourselves miserable.

Yesterday, I took a bus to work. Next to me, a woman was sitting and going through, what I conclude to be, her ‘Morning routine’ – going through today’s online newspaper that is well known for it’s not so positive, all about gossiping and hateful posts.

And all the way, she was sighing and shaking her head, not believing what she had just read – basically, making her sunny day miserable. And then, I suspect, got to work,feeling down and drained from all of the bad things she filled her head with just to encounter a colleague she, for some reason, doesn’t like just to end up blaming him/her for the bad day she’s having. Oh yes, that circle of bad energy that never ends…

So, it got me thinking. She was going through that newspaper because it basically became her habit. The bad habit.

In the beginning we do things consciously, and after that ‘action’ becomes a routine we stop thinking about it – ergo it becomes an unconscious habit. How many habits and beliefs do we have that hold our happiness to the bare minimum? You can’t help but wonder.

And the irony is, we live in a time where happiness has become a number 1 priority.

We want to be happy, but we do things that hold us back. Is it because of the comfort? I thinks so. We love to connect with things that in some way bring us closer to our good feelings. Maybe that woman remembers her dad was doing the same thing when she was little, she was very close to him, and that morning routine is something that connects her to him. Who knows, maybe it’s something else. Maybe she finds comfort that other peoples lives are also miserable and she connects with that.

How much more are we going to take the excuse that some other stuff in our environment are at fault for our misery? How much more are we going to play the role of a Guinea pig and run on that wheel of our never ending-self endorsed – beliefs that don’t help us be better?

And to think that all the way to work, I just wanted to grab that woman’s phone, or start a conversation about how beautiful the confluence of the Sava and Dunav river was in the morning. But, this is another issue of our belief that only strange people start a conversation with random people in the bus.

So, my belief about that stopped me from helping someone experience something beautiful from that morning. And it kind of made my day a little less brighter…

Oh, The Irony! 🙂

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