It was a cold and rainy day in B. Some of those days that make us rewind everything that came up until now. Do you have one of those days? I guess they are different for everyone. Some would lay back and begin reminiscing on a sunny day, some on a cold winter night by the window…To me – the rain, smell of the freshly cut grass and a warm brown blanket does the trick.

Who is to say what you’ll find on that lane. Maybe happy memories, maybe even the sad ones, bittersweet, sour…Anything is possible. But, somehow I believe that the memories come back to us, because we missed something important. Something that will help us overcome the obstacle that we face in the present moment, a problem that we don’t know how to solve.

So we, travel back in time, to experience everything yet again… The love, the pain… Everything. But, we’ll find it strange, because we can’t experience it in the same way. We simply can’t. We don’t have the same perception as we did back then. We see things differently. We see people in a different way. We understand better, we feel less/or more. We conclude faster and with more attention to detail. We understand that it is not about us. We are not the center of attention ,the moment is. And the moment is trying to tell us something. Something that we didn’t want to hear before.

Most of the time, the tragedies in our life aren’t so tragic after all. It’s our way of thinking that makes it seem that way. Life is flowing. It simply does that. Flows. And we give it a meaning. A happy meaning, a sad one… It’s completely up to us.

So, when we get back from the travel through memory lane, we need to remember one very important thing…

We are bigger than the moment!


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