Yeah, we all know what the word Family means. But, c’mon, let’s widen our perspective just a little bit. Let’s dig deeper!

What does the term Family mean to you on a psychological level (remember, not biological)?

Someone who we can connect with verbally? Someone who shares those empathetic moments with us (you know, who can feel what you feel, vise versa)… Maybe someone who can read our minds without the words ever being spoken? A friend? A lover? An acquaintance?

Interesting thought…Can an acquaintance be considered family? Can our mind ‘accept’ that? Is it rational? Does it have to be?

Hmm…is considering a person ‘ A Family Member’ more related to our Emotional decisions or Rational? Does it have to be one or the other?

I think that both sides play a small part in the decision making. So, we need a balance. We need to explore all the perspectives.

At times like these, when such a virus is at our doorstep…Do we dare to let in anyone to whom we aren’t blood related? Do we dare to consider our neighbor a family member? Do our perspectives of other people change? Does our mind show us the ugly or beautiful side?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen both…Both in me, and in other people. I’ve made a mistake of letting my thought go as further as to avoid everyone. It’s the fear – which makes us act quite irrational.

I guess the only question we can ask ourselves in these moments is…

Who do I wish to be? 🙂

I’ve been thinking about this question for two weeks… It’s easier to answer it when things are good – but, what about now when the circumstances are a little bit different?

I don’t want to be someone who is scared of living, and someone who isn’t willing to put out a hand for another human being. Life goes on with or without us – so let’s catch a wave and use it while we still can. 🙂

Who do you wish to be? And, who are you now? Is your answer the same? I would really like to know and discuss it with you further. 🙂

You can comment in the comment section below, or you can message me privately via

I would really like to build a interacting community here, so please, know that your inputs are valuable. 🙂

I wish you and your family a very well day/evening (wherever on this globe that you are reading, thank you )

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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