I’ve been thinking a lot about The Message that I wish this blog to represent and send. Many people will consider this to be the ‘The Best Version Of Me’ Blog. And in some ways, yes this can be it. But, one of the most important things for me, at this point in my life is… The fact that we don’t have to post The smartest, The High Definition, Best quality etc. kind of posts in order to consider ourselves worthy of the the title ‘Influencer’.

Now, do I consider myself an Influencer? Yes, in some ways I do. But not the kind who polishes everything in order for everyone else to think that my life is perfect, which will probably have a result of you putting yourselves in a position to dislike your life and the current situation that your in.

No. Let me clarify what this Blog means to me, and hopefully for you guys too.

This Blog follows my course of thoughts. And my current path in life. Everything good and bad that comes along the way. I wish to encourage, first myself, and then hopefully you into accepting every version, aspect and situation that is a part of your life.

Being an influencer, for me, represents a person that teaches us something valuable. That makes us feel hopeful. That gives us a warm feeling that everything is going to be OK. Especially during hard times. My hope is that while I discover/build myself, that I can help you guys (and of course, that you can help me) to manage every situation that comes. Maybe I’ll help you figure out something for yourselves, and you guys certainly know something that I don’t – so please, tell me, teach me, I’d like to know. 🙂

I can only hope that this Blog will gather up people who will learn and share experiences, be supportive and positive about life (being sad is OK too, let those emotions flow through you, there is no point in bottling them up) – just know that everything will be OK at the end. 🙂

My vision for the future is that I’ll re-post this text in the next couple of years, looking back at my past visions and plans for it. 🙂 And seeing how things changed over time.

Let me know how you’ve perceived this Blog when you first discovered it?

I would really like to hear you opinion on this topic. So, please don’t be shy in letting you thoughts out. You can comment in the comment section below, or you can message me privately via influentialmovement@gmail.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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