Hey guys, so today I decided to talk to you about a thing called ‘The Bullet Journal’. My assumptions are that many of you have already heard about it – and are probably experts when it comes to organizing, writing and drawing.

I’m not. Let’s get that straight out. 😀 And that’s OK.

I’ve been hoping that this post would serve it’s use, mainly for you guys to be my heroes (and who knows, maybe my amateur little BJ is going to help some of you as well).

But, this post is mainly a shout out too all those wonderful geniuses who are already experienced in creating the useful and easy content that will help many of us expand or even make us decide to start our own little BJ adventure.

I’m a grand believer that we get what we put out, so let’s not postpone the big reveal. Let me guys give you a little tour of my monthly BJ.

MAY 2020

  1. So, every month I like to start of with an inspirational quote. May 2020 is all about ‘I’m destined to accomplish a grand success”

2. Then I like to set my goals for the upcoming month. There are 4 aspects that I like to focus on:
-HEALTH (Psyche and Physical)
-LOVE (For myself, Family, Friends and Community)
-PLAY (Hobby, Book, Blog)
-CAREER (Education and Work) – In this aspect I include the financial goals as well.

Usually, I set my goals in a way as if they’ve already been accomplished. That way I focus my brain on a positive outcome. Like, I don’t know, instead of writing ‘ I will save 200 EUR this month’, I write ‘I’ve saved 200 EUR this month.’ That way I’m more focused on it’s completion ASAP than focusing on the process of completing it eventually (and, let’s face it, if we focus on doing things eventually…well, we can all admit that doesn’t happen).

After completing your task/goal color it in green/orange etc. whatever color represents ‘success’ to you. 🙂

3. Third part I like to dedicate to my habits. Basically I try to substitute my bad habits with the good ones. It has been a hard road since I first started using this and let me tell you… I am one peach of a undisciplined hot potato , if you’ll pardon my french.

One thing that made me feel better is that we are all undisciplined, and that it takes time. So, give yourself some slack…It will be better, just keep grinding! 🙂

4. And last, I have my weekly/daily tasks and goals, In this sheet I’ve also managed to insert a part where at the end of the day I write my daily gratitude, daily income and outcome (money) and Notes.
This part of my BJ is something that I’m really proud of because it took me many months to figure out what is it that I actually want – and that is, to have as much information in one place as possible. I asked myself: ‘What are the most important things that I wish to see everyday?’
I couldn’t deal with the fact that many people use ether one day/one sheet of paper, or couple of days on one sheet of paper. I needed to have a whole week in front of me so I can plan it carefully – and in order for me to have a broader picture of what my plans for the whole week are about.

I use A4 notebook and it suits me really well. The mark of it is FABRIANO – from Italy and it cost me 3.7 EUR.

Anyway, I don’t like to spend too much sheets on crazy stuff and I like my notebook to last me throughout the whole year.

If you guys ask do I color it, or make it seem a little more ‘alive’, yes I do, but that comes as each day passes.

One of the things that I totally put an ! mark, is that you don’t have to follow everyone else’s rules, make your Bullet Journal suit your needs. Remember, it’s been created to ease your life, not make it more difficult. Explore various ideas and yourself. This should be something that you enjoy doing.

Thank you so much for reading!

If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • Do you think I should have something else?
  • Do you have something that helps you, but I didn’t include in mine?
  • Do you have a better design of something that I have and think that it’ll help me be more organized?

Really, anything that you think that’ll help me, I’m eager to hear from you. 🙂

Thank you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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