I’ve been thinking a lot about the role that detachment has in the process of loving someone.

Is it healthy?

This is the first question that emerged. On one hand I like to believe that we should allow ourselves to separate love for ourselves and love towards others. Many times in my life I’ve been given proof that without the first one, the other can’t prevail. If we focus love only towards ourselves, what is the point in living if we can’t share our joys and sorrows with others in order to grow? If we focus love only towards others, we will die inside and out like a flower that isn’t receiving water.

Detachment, if you ask me, is crucially needed in order for us to feel The Balance.

Others may perceive it as a lack of love towards them – How do we convince them that it’s not? Is it our duty to convince them? (I don’t think that it is, but I still don’t have an answer to the first question). How do we help them not to feel unloved in times when we just want to step back for a second to analyze ourselves?

In this situation, the famous sentence ‘ It’s not you, it’s me’ – seems like an appropriate thing to say. But, how will they take it? Not too well in my experience.

So, we need a little detachment. That’s a given.

But, how do we convince everyone else, that that is OK?

I would really like to hear you opinion. 🙂 This is something that I need help with.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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