• When is the right time to acknowledge that we are not immortal and that our lives are fragile?

I’ve been volunteering for the Red Cross for a couple of years, and in that time I’ve seen it all…The good….The Bad…The really, really bad…And the really, really good. But one thing that I’ve come across is the among those brave souls that give their all for other people – is that some of us have, what I like to call, a Superhero Defect… We love to help others, it gives us the necessary drive to overcome hard times and help when it’s most needed, but we forget our own mortality and vulnerability…

I think that acknowledging our limits is one of the most important steps towards maturity. I’m not saying that we should limit ourselves in every aspect of our lives. But just to rationally think what are the things that we can expand our comfort zone, and what are the things that we just can’t play the game of chess with. If we don’t know how to swim, but jump in the
stormy sea to save someone… Is that practical? On the other hand…is in jumping moral?

We all have moments in life when we need to address this question. To some it comes sooner, to some later – but it nevertheless comes. And sooner or later, we need to find an answer.

  • Does our life as we know it stops, after we find an answer?

No, it doesn’t – in some way. We stop living an illusion that we will live forever, and we stop doing things that will hurt us in a serious way. But, if we use this in the right way. We can live the best lives that we possibly can. We start to engage in creating the best life we can imagine. We work on ourselves and we build a life worth living.

  • So, what now?

Now, we live. 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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