The Memory Lane

It was a cold and rainy day in B. Some of those days that make us rewind everything that came up until now. Do you have one of those days? I guess they are different for everyone. Some would lay back and begin reminiscing on a sunny day, some on a cold winter night by … More The Memory Lane

The Friend

So, couple of months ago I watched the movie ‘Someone Great’ – and, basically, I Loved It. It perfectly captures that process of growing up, and that inner struggle between who you’ve been and who you’d wish to be. It captures your inner and outer worlds, changing and collaborating through the change. The Love, the … More The Friend

The Irony

We love to make ourselves miserable. Yesterday, I took a bus to work. Next to me, a woman was sitting and going through, what I conclude to be, her ‘Morning routine’ – going through today’s online newspaper that is well known for it’s not so positive, all about gossiping and hateful posts. And all the … More The Irony

The Truth

The hard truth is: ‘It is hard for everyone’ – it sounds so, refreshing? That we’re not alone in this big and crazy world. And that our struggles are not in vain. Yet, just as that feeling of relief comes, or as some would say, just as that feeling of ‘Oh, that’s how everyone has … More The Truth

Cup of Tea

Do you ever wonder, why do we have a dying need to be liked by certain people? Correction, why do we believe an illusion, that we’ve created in our minds, that certain people’s opinion matter more than it actually does? Maybe it has something to do with the need of being accepted (lately, this topic … More Cup of Tea


They keep telling me ”Accept”… I keep telling myself ”Accept”… Accept everything. The good, the bad, the ‘in between-s’. But, what does acceptance mean? How do we define acceptance? Do we need to define it, in order to understand it? We think we know it, and then someone comes along, and makes us question everything … More Acceptance